Sunday, December 18, 2011

Foodelicious! (yummeh!)

 Owhhhh Dear, I am soooo into something sweet (dessert and Berries!) nice, beautiful and of course delicious (sooo yummeh!).  Well... as usual who can take the eyes from something stunning innit? lets wash up our eyes with all these yummeh photo's...

Kicking Shrimp from Tony Romas

Hot Chocolate!

Theobroma Hot Chocolate

Theobroma Strawberry Dip Chocolate

Raspberry Cheese Cake

Hagen Daz Chocolate Fondue


My all time fav fruits 

Strawberry Tiramisu

This is so sexy innit?

Macarons (I love the harmony colors)

Macs with Raspberry Filling

RV ^___^

Choc Lava 

Raspberry Tiramisu

My Fav Chocolate Tiramisu (anyone wanna place order from me? YES u  should heheh)

This is so CANTIK aite?

Fruits Cocktail 
Ben's Berries Pavlova Sandwich 

T Four Two Rose Macaron

Delicious Berrilicious Choc Pavlova


Dear Pretties, go grab my limited stock of these headband,  handmade with very details and perfection.  it made from very high end and imported gross grain  ribbons.  lotsa love from The Queen and Little Princess!


Hey there, thanks for viewing my blog.  Let's check it out my new craft work. Do email me if ya interested okeh.  Ciao for now!!

U may choose any 3 for RM10

U may choose any 3 for RM10

U may choose any 3 for RM10

U may choose any 3 for RM10

U may choose any 3 for RM10

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Princess- Baby Rissa

Since this blog is created to sell babies stuff, let mommy share lil bit about the owner of the blog . Her name is Aisha Hani Marrissa, she was born on June 11, 2011 (time: 16:10 weight 3.07kg) at Sime Darby Medical Centre, she is actually the very precious gift from Allah s.w.t to her Mommy and Papa after 1 and 1/2 year of waiting... (sorry my English was not very good, and i'm still learning to improve myself and do msg me if you concern to correct me, thanking you in advance). Ok to make it short and simple, do check it out and enjoy the Princess photos.

Princess on Her First Day of Life

One Month Old 

Two Months Old

Three Months Old Little Princess
This is also Three Months Old
Three Months Old
Four Months Old Little Princess
Five Months Old (11.11.11 - Celebrating Papa's Birthday together with Her 5 months old birthdate)